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Our Products

Hometown Harvester

Hometown Harvester is a local food distribution system. It helps consumers by giving them a simple pathway to purchase fresh, local food harvested specifically for that order. It helps farmers by streamlining their process of selling to individual consumers.

This product is designed to aid a business with the space and equipment to store food short term and to deliver it over short distances. The logistics as well as the interfaces for the Consumer, Farmer and Manager are handled by Hometown Harvester. All that is required of you as a distributor is to receive the deliveries, sort the harvested goods into their orders and transport it to your pick-up site. Easy and efficient!

Click the image to the left to see our product in action right here in Springfield, MO. Our customer Homegrown Food is a retail local food shop that has expanded to offer convenient pickup times for fresh, local food all over the city.

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